About the MLK Parade Foundation

Our sole purpose is to promote Racial Harmony through Educational and Promotional concepts and ideas.

Our Educational Concepts include the following:

  • Consensus Building through the awareness of oneness and common values.
  • Networking through the Public, Private Schools and Churches by interacting with Administrators,Educators, and Ministers on the importance of respecting all cultures ethnicity and spiritual beliefs.

Our Promotional Concepts include the following:

    • Emphasizing The Greatness of Multi-Cultural Diversity through Community Sponsored Events.
    • Raising the Awareness of Commonalities through differences that culminates each year on the Third Monday in January, the official Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Celebration.

About Our Theme

There is but One Race, and that is The Human Race. This message was articulated very clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Visionary who saw things from a different perspective. Almost Forty Years later, we now see those things, and we will strive to incorporate those things into our everyday lives in the knowledge of “Change Begins With Self”

America is a unique experience. While it is home for all who desire peace and prosperity, it is an awakening for others to the possibilities of positive change.

Americans are a collective inheritance of cultural, ethnic and spiritual differences whose sum total epitomizes all that is good in the human experience.

The key to America’s strength is her shared differences. Her shared differences are what we applaud and celebrate. . It is these differences that make us uniquely gifted, strong, and reflects the greatness of Collaborative Cohabitation. The common thread of The Whole of Humanity, is its’ multicultural diversity. Accordingly we proudly announce our theme.