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Xavier Malveaux

29th Annual MLK Grande Parade Honoree

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Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, foundation director, and philanthropist are just a few titles
Xavier Malveaux has acquired. Prior to starting his own business, Xavier worked in Corporate
America for over two decades and ended his career as a Regional Director. He is the founder
and CEO of Xcess Security Services, Inc. With the partnership of his brother, Harold Malveaux,
the Xcess brand expanded to Xcess Services, Inc. and Maison De Veaux Event Venue.

As a venture capitalist, he started expanding his brand in 2005 beyond providing just security
services. He started investing in various ventures to help finance small businesses. These
properties are used for commercial business and rental property. His newest venture is
becoming a franchisee of PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. This franchise will be located in League
City, Texas.

As a business partner he has worked with local school districts and churches to help support
and educate our youth. This partnership has allowed his company to provide food for
disadvantaged children, gifts during the holidays and even provide monetary donations to
schools, churches and other organizations to use as needed for our youth.

Above all, he is a man of faith. His faith helps him leave a positive mark on all he comes across.
He is also a family man. He is a proud husband and loves spending time with his children. His
family is the reason he constantly makes sure that he is giving back as it models the
characteristics that he wants to instill in his children

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