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Trae Tha Truth

29th Annual MLK Grande Parade Honoree


TRUTH by definition is the quality or state of being true.  Frazier Othel Thompson III known internationally as Trae Tha Truth defines the term as “transparency, or being truthful with oneself and standing for who and what you believe in”. Anybody who knows the proud Houston native can attest to his resolve to be and do just that.

According to fellow rapper and friend Jeezy, Trae has morphed from a villain to a superhero right before our very eyes. Even now it’s easier to fixate on his no-nonsense demeanor, menacing stare and other attributes that make him...well intimidating. But there are thousands, perhaps even millions of people who see him in a totally different light. In fact, the brilliance of Trae’s light, even cast from darkness is practically blinding.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single man, woman or child of any ethnic or social-economic background in the city of Houston who could deny Trae Tha Truth’s love for his hometown, his sincerity or the far-reaching impact of his efforts and proven actions to step up and stand up for his communities.

Long before he reached the echelons of hip hop greatness or dined at the United States White House with his name personalized on a menu, Trae The Truth rolled up his sleeves and put his time and money where his mouth is for those in need. His non-profit organization Angel By Nature [ABN] has served countless families and charitable causes. Relief Gang, which he started with a close friend and radio personality Mr. Rogers is a leg of ABN that focuses on meeting the needs of the community and specifically providing hope and relief in the midst of
catastrophic circumstances. 

For nearly two decades, often to the detriment of promoting his promoting his own music career, Trae has dedicated his life to restoring, rebuilding, and revitalizing neighborhoods, businesses, schools, families, and individuals.


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