Tony Buzbee

Tony Buzbee

After decades of hard work, Tony Buzbee is now at the top of the legal field. The New York Times has called him one of the most successful trial lawyers in the country. He often represents families of workers who have been killed or severely injured on the job.

Buzbee was the first in his family to attend college. The son of a butcher and high school cafeteria worker, he knows what it is to live with economic hardship, grind away at work, sacrifice for family and country, and to unify people of diverse backgrounds.

An ROTC scholarship enabled him to attend Texas A&M University, where he served as Battalion Commander in the Corps of Cadets. He now has the honor of having the Buzbee Leadership Learning Center at his alma mater named after him.

Upon graduation, he joined the Marines. As a former Recon Marine officer, his mettle has been tested time and again during his involvement in some of the most intense Marine operations around the globe.

Buzbee didn’t just survive or endure as a Marine officer, he excelled. In the Marine Corps, officers are taught to lead from the front, to do more with less, to work smart, to hit fast and to be creative. Buzbee and the firm he has built use these same principles and attitudes in the practice of law.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Buzbee entered law school at the University of Houston Law Center. While there, Buzbee was the Managing Editor of the Houston Law Review, was elected Class Captain by his peers, and was also a member of the Order of the Coif, Order of the Barristers, and Order of the Barons. Buzbee ultimately graduated summa cum laude, second in his class.

Now a practicing lawyer enjoying the fruits of his success, he lives large and gives large. Most recently, Buzbee sponsored 10 wheelchair-accessible vans for the Houston Children’s Charity to award to families in need.

One Christmas, he gave away more than 1,000 bicycles to economically disadvantaged children. He also donated – for auctioning – his entire $3.5 million fleet of exotic cars to The Jesse Tree, a faith-based, nonprofit organization that assists the homeless and those in need in Galveston and Brazoria counties.

“The American dream is to be successful. I’ve done that beyond any of my expectations. But no responsible citizen should lose sight of the obligation to help others when in a position to do so. That’s what I try, and am trying, to teach my children,” Buzbee says of his philanthropic endeavors.