Terence & Stacey Reed

Mr. Terence and Dr. Stacey Jones-Reed are one of Houston’s power couples. Both are natives of Acres Homes, both were singularly raised by their strong mothers and both sat at the feet of their grandparents, where they learned the importance of community, civic service, and philanthropic giving.

Terence “Pokey” Reed started one of the only African American-owned carriage companies in Texas, in 2008 with his vision of sharing the beauty of horse drawn carriages with the Houston Community. Dr. Stacey Jones-Reed, a medical doctor, helped to further shape this vision by naming the company, Vintage Carriage Company where it would forever pay homage to their love of “the good old days and ways of life”. They both worked full time jobs as they traveled this country learning about the business, securing the best horses and carriages, and ensuring they would be bringing the best services to Texas.

This power couple believes that “to whom much is given, much is expected” and live by this mantra. This couple continues to give back to the community by donating their services to countless funerals and events, including the infamous funeral processions of Houston’s own Mr. George Floyd and U.S Army Soldier Vanessa Guillen. They regularly participate in Mayor Turner’s Juneteenth Parade, Cliffdale Baptist Church Annual Easter Event, numerous church celebrations, Christmas parties, parades, and other memorable events.

When the Reeds are not working, they enjoy being active members of the Prairie View Trail Riders Association, the Carriage Operators of North America Association, and the Acres Homes Chamber of Business and Economic Development, Inc.

Their other hobbies include traveling, trailriding and spending time with family and friends. They hope that not only will their children Terence and Kenady learn the importance of giving back, but others in the community will too.