Special Honorees

Bradford Lowe

Bradford Lowe, Sr.
Asst. Executive Director of 1Embrace Ministries, CSO of Strategic Growth Alliance 366, LLC and Co- Owner of Choice 1 Media Group and 366 SkyLounge & Event Center

Sonja Lowe

Sonja Lowe
Award-winning speaker and actress, Executive Producer of Choice 1 Media Group, COO of 366 SkyLounge & Event Center and Vice President of SGA 366: Strategic Growth Alliance 366

Calvin Ursin Jr.

Calvin Ursin, Jr.
Co-Owner and CFO of 366 SkyLounge & Event Center and founder of Head Up Gripping, LLC

Marietta Willis

Marietta Willis
Vice President of the Success 1st, CEO of Richmond Capital Solutions, LLC, CEO of Strategic Growth Alliance 366 LLC, CEO of SGA TV Network and SGA Faith Network and 366 SkyLounge and Event Center

Tory & Teri Smith
Television Hosts / Radio Personalities
Certified Marriage/Relationship Counselors


Captain Paul Matthews
Founder, Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Mr. Terence & Dr. Stacey Jones-Reed
Owners, Vintage Carriage Company


Sharon Caples McDougle
Modern Day Hidden Figure and Author

Autrey James

Jasmine Roland