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Dr. Paula Bullock Miller

29th Annual MLK Grande Parade Honoree

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Dr. Paula Miller is the CEO of I AM Paula Miller, a platform that draws from a well of years of experience in being successful and a master of life. "We specialize in Prospering Souls & Lives, helping over 100 individuals to be proactive and focusing on solutions that minimize challenges and provide stability to one's life. These are important for defusing situations before they become problems," Dr. Miller explained.

The value that Dr. Paula Miller brings from her years of taking giant strides in her field, as well as a long list of achievements in her name. She is a Radio Host of a children talk show, CEO/Founder of Women On The Rise Global Magazine , Amazon online store owner, CEO of X-Cel Community Services, investor in a Bank, one of the first female-owned and operated banks in Texas, and the author of "Why Are You Here?", "Miss P and Her Magical Superpowers," and "7 Strategies to a Prospering Soul and Life in 30 Days."

As a high achiever herself, she believes strongly in people understanding their self-worth and value while teaching them how to develop a prosperous soul and life. She is also an expert at teaching ways to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms, minimize stress and prevent other health problems. All of these have made her seek out individuals looking to be a better version of themselves and relieve themselves of their past pain. Her goal is to help people grow and unlock their full potential so they can realize all the things they are capable of that they did not know.

As Dr. Paula Miller continues to edge people toward leading better lives, she never fails to use herself as an example of how important it is for everyone to stay connected to their core selves, understand their purpose and maintain balance across all areas of life. "In today's world, we are so overworked and never stop to take time for ourselves. I'm a prime example. Now I want to educate others on having balance in their life," she said. "I suffered from a heart attack due to work-related stress, and I knew I had to do something about it," she added.

Over the next few years, Dr. Paula Miller sees herself leveraging multiple platforms to help individuals overcome the pain that they have suppressed for years, and Shawn Fair's Leadership Experience Tour is one of the many avenues she can use for the good. She hopes her programs and teachings help people achieve peace of mind and live free of worry and fear while achieving fulfillment in their work and life journeys. "I understand that it will not be easy to achieve this state of mind, but it will be well worth the effort because this kind of inner peace frees up enormous potential for creativity and joy," Dr. Paula said.

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