Erica Tirado

Erica Tirado has a varied career centered on music, audio and media. In addition to serving as Fly925 Internet Radio’s Director of Programming Operations, she is also a Radio Personality on Fly925 Internet Radio Station.

Erica joined Fly925 Internet Radio in 2012, and has worn several different hats within the company since then. From 2012 to 2013, she was Sales Director while hosting her own show on Saturdays. During this time at Fly925, she worked on every kind of radio program imaginable, from live call-in shows and concert broadcasts, to pre-produced programs.

In 2013, Erica joined the Programming Department, where she currently serves as the Director of Programming Operations. In this role, Erica interacts with all the departments of Fly925 Internet Radio, and makes sure everything gets on-air as it’s supposed to throughout the day and night. Additionally, Erica occasionally produces special projects for Fly925 Internet Radio.