Kim Gagne Top 30 Influential Women of Houston Kim Gagne Supervising Producer of Steve Harvey

Kim Gagne is the Emmy Award-winning supervising producer of the Steve Har- vey daytime talk show, and for five years she has produced Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards. Gagne is known for her outstanding leadership and communication skills, as well as her successful track record of effectively managing and training up strong production teams.

Kim Gagne

Gagne prides herself on giving back. She is immensely proud of her “TV babies” that started as her interns and are now reporters, producers and anchors around the country. Gagne explains, “I tell all my incoming interns and production assistants that they are to ‘grow and go.’ I want them to learn everything they can from me and their surroundings, then go and take that knowledge out into the uni- verse. I don’t expect them to stay with a show for the entire run. If they do, they should only be staying if they are moving up and going from production assistant, to associate producer and then to producer.”

Gagne keeps her finger on the pulse of trending topics and pop culture. Always in search of a great story, she combs magazines and the internet for meaning- ful stories to tell. She is always in con- tact with leading psychologists, doctors, community leaders, trendsetters and social media experts who know what’s trending and going on in the world. “We are not the only talk show out there, so we want to bring fresh new stories and ideas of interest to our female audience. We also know what works for us and what segments play into Steve’s wheelhouse. Steve is the CLO (Chief Love Officer), and giving dating advice to women from a male perspective is what he does best. We also love telling good stories,” says Gagne.

Gagne specializes in producing pilots and test shows. She has been one of the driving forces behind some of Houston’s hottest shows and other well-known syndicated shows, including:

• City Under Siege (FOX-TV)
• Great Day Houston (CBS-KHOU)
• Texas Justice (Twentieth Television/FOX-TV)
• Judge Alex (Twentieth Television/FOX-TV)
• The Steve Harvey Project (BET/CENTRIC)
• Steve Harvey (NBC/ENDEMOL)

Gagne holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of St. Thomas. Gagne’s goal is to one day produce the Grammy Awards and the BET Awards. Gagne is married to Emilian White, and they have three children.