Jaleah Davis

Jaleah DavisThe Start
It was in the 6th Grade where Ja’Leah Davis discovered her love and passion for all things media. While beginning the 6th grade Ja’Leah was approached with the opportunity of reading the news that will broadcast in all the class rooms at the top of the morning. When she was first approached of course she was nervous, but it was in that moment when the lights were shining and that red light on the camera began to blink you could hear the director ending that countdown, all eyes were on her and It gave her a feeling she never wanted to let go of. Media then became a second language for Ja’Leah she finished the rest of her middle school years in that position and lucky for her the High School had a broadcast department as well, which is where she found how fluent she could be in front and behind the camera. With major roles such as becoming the producer , director , content creator , and talent , She later picked up her Name MediaEyeCon because everything she did in media was so Iconic that name became her. She excelled in the many projects and opportunities that were presented to her. She stayed in that broadcasting program throughout her high school years and went on to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches Texas.

In college Ja’Leah created many programs for her college peers, being that the school’s population of African Americans was low she felt that more events needed to cater everyone from all backgrounds. She created events such as “ The SFA Grammy Awards” which gave appreciation to active students on campus as well as a voice to students and teaching them how important it is to vote. She held the title of Vice president for the National Broadcast Society for 2 years and traveled with he colleague Crystal Holmes to conferences around the world. In her senior year she held the title of Stephen F. Austin State University 2013 Homecoming Queen which was a major accomplishment given the percentage of African Americans. Ja’Leah Davis graduated May 2014 with her B.A. in Mass Communications ( Broadcast Journalism ) with a emphasis in Production.

After College
Leaving College Ja’Leah did not stop. Two months after graduating Ja’Leah was offered a position as an editor at a Houston Local television station where she soon had her own television show called “ Media Eyecon Live “ which aired daily. She interviewed A list and B List celebrities from all around the world but a year later she realized she wanted more. Ja’Leah’s hard work brought major awareness to the station and was then promoted to Vice President at the age of 24. She remained at the Houston Local station until she realized her purpose was bigger than her. December 23rd 2017 Ja’Leah Davis became the youngest African American Woman to own a digital television station nation wide!

About The Station
Eyeconic Television LLC , is an exciting new Analog/Digital Television Station based in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to provide a platform to those who display talent, entrepreneurship, and vision. Eyeconic Television aims to be Entertaining through showcases and spotlighting up and coming artist from various back grounds. They will educate the community through programs that will include How-To/DIY tutorials as well as documentaries and informational talk shows. As well as enlighten the world nationwide by motivating people to go for their dream through inspirational content.

Eyeconic’s vision is to become a multi-media platform that establishes visionaries and entrepreneurs from around the world who impact our nation. At Eyeconic Television they provide that unique opportunity to anyone at any level of their dream to be heard no matter what season of their vision they are in. At Eyeconic the goal is to be the stepping stone to greatness through for entrepreneurs from all around the world.

The station is currently shy of a year old and is rising faster than ever. Ja’Leah is starting a non profit on the side of the station called The Be Eyeconic Foundation. Where she will create a media academy to help others come up with content that they can relate with and travel to different high schools to teach the young to Be Eyeconic in what ever they do! Her goal is to ignite that fire that she had at such young age in our students of today and she plans to change every life she comes in contact with to an Eyeconic life! Ja’Leah Davis was honored with her own day on February 24th here in Houston by Mayor Sylvester Turner ! She was also honored by many other organizations for her efforts and leadership in this community.