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  • How to become a volunteer?
    Please register online ( and the coordinator will contact your with additional information.
  • How long is the parade?
    The parade route is approximately a mile and a half long and under 2 hours in duration.
  • Where do I park?
    The main parade route originates in Midtown starting on San Jacinto incorporating Elgin and Webster Streets. Parking 3-4 more blocks away from these streets will offer you the best chance to leave without long delay.
  • Where do I park as a spectator?
    Recommended spectator parking is on Fannin Street east and west side of the street between Elgin Street & Holman Street and on Caroline Street between Webster Street & Elgin Street to San Jacinto Street. The parking on the suggested streets are free because of the holiday. Another idea for those spectators not wanting to negotiate traffic and parking is to ride the Metro Rail. Northside should park @ the Northline Metro Hub and ride train to HCC/Ensemble Theater and walk 2 blocks east from Main street to San Jacinto Street/the parade route. Southside should park at the Metro Hub on Fannin Street and Kirby Drive and ride the train to the HCC/Ensemble Theater stop and walk 2 blocks east from Main Street to San Jacinto Street/parade route.
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