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Diana N. Patterson M. Ed.

29th Annual MLK Grande Parade Honoree


Ms. Patterson launched her career in Early Childhood Education in 1986. She started her preschool, Appleton Angels Christian Preschool as a certified home-based childcare as a result of her dissatisfaction for options of early childhood education for her own children. She later expanded her Wisconsin based preschool to a large state licensed and accredited preschool facility that served 85 children in which she provided excellence in Early Childhood Education for over 26 years.  Ms. Patterson knew early in life that her passion was to work with children through education and children’s ministry and to empower families through faith and education.


Ms. Patterson has a passion for empowering children and families through education, the arts, and motivational seminars and workshops. She aspires to continue to cultivate programs that enrich communities by empowering families through collaborations with at-risk school districts and Community Based Organizations. Her philosophy is simple, if you want to empower a child empower their parent, if you want to empower a parent empower their community, if you want to empower communities begin with empowering yourself.  


Ms. Patterson obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education Policy and Community Studies and a Master of Science in Administrative Leadership/ Adult Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin. Over the years Ms. Patterson has served on several Board of Directors and committees. She currently serves as the Parent Representative on the Board of Directors for the University of Texas Medical Branch and served on the Board of Directors for the Milwaukee Affiliate of the National Black Child Development Institute and still serves as a national member.


In 2011 Ms. Patterson received her certification as a Life Coach and was honored to announce the launch of her motivational and leadership seminars designed to uplift and empower youth, women, and families. She truly believes we are all “Destined for Greatness”. Her seminars are designed to inspire each participant to reach their maximum potential.


Ms. Patterson is currently a Training Specialist for the Department of Family and Protective Services where she trains agency personnel and assist in their development to protect children and empower families in the state of Texas. The work she does for the Department of Family and Protective Services has affirmed her vision to someday create programs working with parents that cultivate environments that support healthy and nurturing environments for our children that will foster their ability to succeed in this world. It further affirms that there is so much work to be done with our children and families. Ms. Patterson is honored to be a part of the solution of strengthening and empowering families.


Ms. Patterson received her accreditation through the Texas Early Childhood Professionals Development System (TECPDS) where she is currently registered as a trainer for Practitioners and Administrators in the Core Competency areas of Professionalism and Ethics and Human Resource Leadership and Development. Ms. Patterson has constructed a four-module series on Leadership Development with an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Leadership.


Ms. Patterson began her career in the creative arts at the tender age of 6 years old. She performed in numerous plays as a youth. Ms. Patterson also won several poetry and essay contest in creative writing as a youth which enhanced her interest in creative writing. Before writing her own plays, Ms. Patterson performed the lead role in several plays including Raisin in the Sun and Sassy Mama’s.


Ms. Patterson had the honor of adding author to her list of accolades in the release of her first literary composition, “Everything Grows in the Valley”. Ms. Patterson plans on using her education in Administrative Leadership to develop programs that focus on creating strength-based solutions for the socio-economic conditions of low-income communities, children, and families.


After the launch of her first book in 2017 Ms. Patterson had a yearning in her heart to live out her passion by pouring herself into creative writing.  From her book evolved Ms. Patterson’s Facebook Live series Everything Grows in the Valley Intimate Conversations with the Author Special Edition Series “A Few Good Men” talk show which is a platform Ms. Patterson created to empower women by providing guidance, resolve, healing, and the ability for women to make wiser choices as God prepares them for the one He hand carved and designed for them.


Ms. Patterson founded her stage and film production company DNP Productions in 2018. She aspires to use her gift in creative writing to induce transformative thinking, self-empowerment, and healing. Ms. Patterson’s sold out stage play Everything Grows in the Valley, “A Few Good Men” was her first large theatrical production. Ms. Patterson’s company DNP Productions aspires to use creative arts as a platform to empower, inspire, and educate a society that heals brokenness by consciously engaging in their own transformation through stage and film. Ms. Patterson is currently writing her second stage play and book and will begin her first film project in 2023.

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