Demetria Smith

Demetria SmithSmith is a life long resident of Houston, Texas; she grew up in the well-known community of Sunny Side, South Houston. She is a Business owner, a Financial Consultant, and a mother of 6 who can relate to the struggles that we as Houstonians face daily. She geared up to fight for the residents of the 4th largest city in America including affordable housing, jo, s and a flawed criminal justice system. She is passionate about the fight for every race, culture, and creed that exists in Houston. Her reason for running: is to reduce poverty, fight oppression and the injustices that blacks and browns (the less fortunate community members ). Smith says “I want to bring more resources to the community, through public funding as well as private funding.”

She recently joined in the fight and will continue the fight for equal pay for our First Responder/ Fighters. Which is something that she agrees with and wants to uphold the wishes of Houston voters. Our current Mayor said no to Proposition B even after Harris Residents said yes. She is the fighter our city needs to create the change we want and need in Houston and to hold our local officials accountable and a transparent local government. If you know Smith she is not afraid to go against our current city leaders due to the oppression she experienced in her previous race for a city council position and again for mayor when many times she was not invited to speak at forums and other candidates public meetings to speak with community members. Smith recognizes that Houston’s largest population consist of Miliniumms ages 18-34, so she is challenging community members in this age group to take a stance and be engaged in the cities progressive and innovation movement to help build the city that they want and love.

Last but not least Smith stands once again with the opportunity to make history by being the first African American Female Mayor of Houston. This would be a great accomplishment for the city and it’an s opportunity to foster the evolutionary growth of the city and it’s exceptance of women in leadership roles. Smith encourages women to stand and fight with her, and to support other women on the journey to empower each other, through a women’s eyes and basic principles of nurturement, morals, values and, integrity.