Calvin Ursin, Jr.

Calvin Ursin, Jr. is Co-Owner and CFO of 366 SkyLounge & Event Center and founder of Head Up Gripping, LLC is a professional Lighting Director and Movie Grip. In the film industry, the lighting director is responsible for the look and feel of the images that make up a movie. His precision and expertise have earned him credits for lighting and engineering in over 100 movies since 2005. Calvin earned credit as associate producer of the TV mini-series “For a Dark Skin Girl” in 2015 as well as a very special thanks for his role in the creation of the movie “A Boy Named Sue”.

Calvin believes in the power of the highest, and quotes, “When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go. You have to Believe in the power of your dream because it is the essence of who you are and never give up.” Everyone makes mistakes at some point. But when someone decides to forgive you and gives you another chance, you should grab it with both hands. Calvin is a generous man whose heart goes out to those who are in need of a second chance in life.

As a father, Calvin’s love for children and people, in general, has led to a passion for coaching youth sports and teaching youth ministries. Calvin is the proud father of four college graduates and lives out loud the words, To whom much is given, much is required!